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Gambia is a small country so the concentration of birds is very high, both in numbers and in the diversity of bird species.

Because of the location of Gambia, just below the desert, a lot of European birds come here to spend the winter.

In this 8-day round trip, we let you get acquainted with The Gambia. We start our journey in the Tambi wetlands and drive 140 km inland to Tendaba. The Tendaba region is without doubt the best known birding destination in The Gambia. The Tendaba Lodge's proximity to several prime birding areas such as the Kiang West National Park and the Baobolong wetland reserve makes it the perfect base for exploring the rich bird life.

Please let us know if you are interested in using our photo lodges (Tambia Wetlands and Tendaba) (free in our trips).



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Aerial View of Green Mangrove Forest. Nature Landscape. Amazon River. Amazon Rainforest. S


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Round tour from the mangroves at the coast to the savannah landscapes upcountry.
All camps and lodges in the program are close to the photo locations, so that we can make the best use of our time.
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● ―― ●  Day 1

Banjul airport / Tambi wetlands

Arrival Banjul I 14km to the Tambi wetlands I Mandinari river lodge

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● ―― ●  Day 4

Tendaba / Tendaba Camp

Tendaba region, Boat trip mangroves, Tendaba Camp

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● ―― ●  Day 7

Penjem / Marakissa River camp

Marakissa area I Penjem forest I Marakissa river lodge

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● ―― ●  Day 2

Mandinari River Lodge

Tambi Wetlands I Mandinari photohide I Mandinari ricefieds I Mandinari river lodge

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● ―― ●  Day 5

Kiang-west / Bintang Bolong 

Kiang west quarries I 60km to Bintang I Bintang bolong river lodge

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● ―― ●  Day 8

Mandinari / Banjul airport

Mandinari river lodge I Back to the airport in Banjul

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● ―― ●  Day 3

Kiang-west / Tendaba Camp

Kiang west National park, Tendaba regio, Tendaba camp

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● ―― ●  Day 6

Marakissa / Marakissa River camp

65km to Marakissa I Marakissa wetlands & woodlands I Marakissa River camp


Priority during our trips are the spotting and/or photographing of birds, but Gambia is of course more than just birds.
During our round tours we also pay attention to mammals, reptiles, insects and the beautiful nature that Gambia has to offer.
The Gambian culture, the delicious food, and a little bit of relaxing may of course not be missed :-) 

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