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The Gambia is the smallest country on the African mainland. On the map of West Africa it is no more than a narrow strip of land, completely surrounded by Senegal and bordering on the Atlantic coast. The country has a diverse bird population which is unusual for its size. About 590 species of birds have been recorded in this tiny West African state. The mammals which are most often seen are baboons and monkeys. The species of monkey to be found are the western red colobus, patas and the callithrix. There are also small antelopes such as the Maxwell's duiker, sitatunga and bushbucks. Among the animals to be found in Gambia include aardvarks, hyena, Nile crocodiles, Hippos, warthogs, bushpigs, monitor lizards, chameleons, geckos, puff adders, spitting cobras and green mambas. Bottle nose dolphins can be seen near the entrance to the river from the Atlantic Ocean.

We offer wide range of excursions and round trips were you can choose from, tailor made trips created to provide customers satisfaction that are much more interesting, fun and educational. We are dare to serve because we are concerned and competent, responsive, impartial, industrious, flexible and reasonable. We are fully ready to meet your time, needs and interest. Furthermore, Aji Tours is here to provide you with comfort and reliable accomodation. Our services include car hiring or bus, airport pickings and transfers are also possible. Be well assure that we are available at every inch of your service. We guarantee to provide all the necessary safety and care by all means at the same time make your holidays the most exciting one.

Senegambia Birding was founded with a heart for The Gambia and Senegal. The entire proceeds of our birding trips go to the local guides and the local people. For this reason we can offer professional birding tours at very affordable prices. 

Senegambia Birding ensures an unforgettable experience. Discover with us the beauty and diversity of The Gambia and Senegal. We organise affordable group tours, individual tours and excursions for birdwatchers, nature lovers and photographers. Please let us know in advance where you want to focus, so we can tailor your trip to suit your needs.

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Aji Fatou Sarr is well soaked in the ocean of youth work and serves as the secretary general of the category B tour company's association in the Gambia and a public relations officer of Makasutu Cultural Forest. Aji has undergone numerous national leadership training. and currently studying law at the University of the Gambia.

Lamins is manager of Senegambia Birding. His impressive skills, knowledge, and many years experience will ensure a perfect bird watching trip. Lamin is a member of the Gambia Bird Watching Association, and a licensed tour guide by the Gambia Tourism Board.

Fatou Colley is a young Gambian guide, with over 10 years as a bird guide in The Gambia. She has experience in guiding both large and small groups throughout The Gambia and Senegal. Fatou is a member of the Gambia Birding Association. 

Jimmy (Gibriel) - Founder, Photographer, Coordinator, guide. 

Founder of Senegambia Birding, and tour leader for the Dutch speaking group tours. He is also responsible for putting together the programmes in consultation with the guides. He is officially registered in The Gambia as employee of Aji Tours Ltd. under the registration number 2180028768



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